Bloons Tower Defense

The 1st in a series of three Bloons tower defense games designed by Ninjakiwi has a minimal assortment of defense towers and only 1 level in which to play the game via. This currently demonstrates that the game is brief lived and is not anyplace up to the game originality supplied by the initially ever Bloons game.

The common concept of the game is to pop all the balloons that float about the offered path working with a collection of defense towers that you can deploy. Every single round gets tougher due to the fact a lot more balloons float previous, some of which are tougher to pop and also move more quickly. Every single time you pop a balloon you get points in which to use to purchase a lot more towers and upgrades.

The dart tower is the initially of the five defense mechanisms and is just a giant monkey that fires a single dart at the oncoming balloons, getting a no thrills tower it supplies small visual appeal or excitement and is rather ineffective at popping balloons without the need of the upgrade of piercing darts and lengthy variety radius. You can get each upgrades straight away, prior to the game begins.

The tack tower is the second defense weapon in line, it spits out eight tacks at a time, but you will not uncover it popping eight balloons in a row, there is no strategic point on the circuit in which to location it to make complete use of all tacks. This weapon is really helpful in taking out heavy groups of balloons, specially when you upgrade it with more quickly shooter and further variety selections.

There are a maximum of two upgrades for every single tower which tends to make the game quite restricted, specially in comparison to the 2nd and 3rd games in the series. It suggests you quickly run out of assortment and some thing to appear forward to later on as soon as you have stacked up sufficient points.

The game play of Bloons tower defense is as fantastic as it can be. It is quick to deploy your towers wherever you like, there is no actual difficulty in selecting up the controls as it really is a straightforward point and click game. With the game getting so straightforward there is no threat of any freezing or slowing of play whatsoever.

Contemplating there had been numerous flash tower defense games out prior to Ninjakiwi even contemplated releasing their personal, such as the desktop tower defense game, there was small work place into this a single. It lacks any assortment in what you would term 'baddies' or balloons in this case. Even although they quite considerably stuck with the balloon idea for the series, a lot more imagination could have been placed on the type of balloons getting made use of, for instance some could have had a thoughts of their personal or been a bit a lot more gruesome hunting rather than plain old celebration balloons…

Right after the initially 10 rounds the game becomes a lot a lot more challenging, with balloons moving quickly across the circuit, so a sensible selection in tower deployment is crucial. The concept right here is to see if you can survive some of the a lot more challenging rounds while resisting the temptation to add added weaker towers. Someplace along the line you will have to hold out for longer in order to be capable to afford a stronger type of defense such as the ice tower in order to make surviving the later rounds realistic.

Each the ice and bomb tower offer you nothing at all unique in terms of visual look, effects and creativity. They are each pretty bog common and will not deliver any temptation for you to play on beyond this point with only the Super Monkey getting left to deploy. By the time you can afford Super Monkey you will be most probably fed up of the game and will have exited out.

Game Verdict

The initially tower defense game fails to reside up to the original Bloons series in my opinion and lacks the imagination to bridge the gap more than numerous boring levels of the exact same old balloon popping defense methods. My tips would be to immediately move on to the 2nd and 3rd game in the series.

  • Playability: 10/10
  • Graphics: five/10
  • Originality: four/10
  • Game Detail: three/10
  • Addictiveness: five/10
  • Final Score: 54%

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