Vehicle Wash Survey

We have all heard the saying, Liars figure and figures lie? Effectively right now we shall appear into the reality of the Survey of Automatic Vehicle Washes. Did the business in reality inform the truth? In the study of all these responding only 13% stated they had no competitors, which is almost certainly a matter of mindset for if it have been correct it surely will not be inside a year or two. As the quantity of car or truck washes in the United States is more than 30,000. A single could say that this is not a lie but rather wishful pondering. For instance a single operator we talked to in Macon, GA who owned a complete service carwash stated he had no competitors, but their have been two self serve washes, three roll-more than gas station carwashes and two hand wash detail shops all inside much less than two-miles. When we pointed this out to him, he stated, “properly they are not competitors, we have a steady clientele.” Certainly he did, however he could have substantially extra if they have been not down the block. I bring up this point for two motives initial, truth is relative and second, several operators of smaller sized kind coin-op car or truck washes, roll more than carwashes or hand car or truck washes do not subscribe to the trade journals, attend trade shows or go on the internet to participate in such surveys. A single could say this suggests that the whole survey is with no merit and that it is all a wash.

Effectively 43% stated they have partial uniforms, which is an improve from prior years and an up-tick in the professionalism required to be combined with ethics of the workforce.

Nonetheless we see that nonetheless 20% of the car or truck washes only spend minimum wage. Sixty-a single % spend six-eight dollars per hour. Twenty % spend more than $eight per hour. The very best days for car or truck washes are Saturday, followed by Fri. followed by Sunday. 24% of complete service car or truck washes have lube bays for an add-on. In the 2001, 2002, 2003 surveys equivalent findings occurred. The most well-known added products sold have been greeting cards for 53%, Coffee Bars for 27%, ATMs 22.five%, Spend phones 25%. Rates appear to be on an upward trend. Simple Washes: $9-12 was the typical charged by 29% of the car or truck washes. $12-15 by 36% of the car or truck washes and commonly in the middle finish neighborhoods. $15-20 for middle revenue places and upper middle and that was 23% of the people today. We think fixed internet site car or truck washes have other troubles:

Yet another problem, which plagues the car or truck wash business, is the level of crime. If you use the Beta “google” crucial word search for “news” and kind in “carwash” not extra than a single day will pass exactly where a crime has not occurred not just petty crimes kidnap, murder, rape, shootings, drug sales, and so forth and substantially of the decrease level crime barely tends to make the nearby police blotter. Some massive car or truck wash vendor sales products for the car or truck wash business has been that of safety cameras, anti-theft vending machines, and so forth. and we really feel car or truck washes have also substantially crime also, however we hardly ever see this in the Sector Surveys

Most of the most recent car or truck wash business surveys appear all appropriate on initial glance, but nonetheless we are in require of vast improvements in the business. The largest Vehicle Wash Season in cold climate states tends to be in winter. In AZ, NM, FL in winter due to snow birds in sunny southern California it is in Spring and summer season for the very best months, there is a location and a season for each location and it is important that you hold the shoppers pleased when the lines are lengthy so they come back when the lines are quick, but if they do not want to come to you, probably you need to go to them? This is the mantra of the emerging mobile car or truck washing and auto-detailing sector as they try to get a piece of the business pie. Of course most of the car or truck wash owners and even the car or truck wash business surveys do not really feel that the increasing mobile car or truck wash sector is truly competitors? How do you really feel about business surveys and car or truck washes? Feel on it.

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